+ What services do Gradvance offer?

We offer services for every stage of the job search process. These range from

  • Student (0-1 years experience) 
  • Early Career ( 2 years + experience) 

You can sign up for any of these services including career consultations, CV Workshop, LinkedIn Masterclass and Interview Prep! We also have bundles which are discounted 25% for all 4 together. 

+ I signed up for one of your services. What are the next steps? 

For the services, you will review a questionnaire for each regarding the next steps. Afterward we will proceed with the next steps to complete your service. 

+ Are your services limited to a certain geographical area? 

No, we help everyone regardless of your location. We have helped hundreds of jobseekers from international backgrounds from Europe, America, Canada and Africa. 


+ How much do your services cost?

Each service is priced on their respective pages and are non-negotiable. 

+ Is there a discount for purchasing more than one service?

Yes! We have bundle packages available that offer various discounts for multiple services.  

+ I cannot afford your services at this time. Are prices negotiable? 

To respect other clients, our prices are non-negotiable. However, post-free content on our social media and Dan's personal LinkedIn weekly. Also feel free to checkout our free templates and blog posts! 


+ I have a question, who should I contact? 

For any questions or queries you can reach out to hello@gradvance.co.uk regarding services or inquiries. 

+ Do you have a customer service number? 

We do not offer customer service through the phone, if you have any questions in regards to services then please email hello@gradvance.co.uk

+ When are your business days/hours?

We respond to Business Days only from Monday-Friday in between 9:00AM-5:00PM BST. 

+ How do i get into contact with Dan  

Dan is very active on social media you can reach him on his social media channels, ping him a DM on LinkedIn. If you have a questions about our services, he can jump on a 15 min call. 


+ Does Gradvance have any groups i can join?

Yes! We have a Gradvance Facebook community group which can be found at facebook.com/groups/gradvance

+How do i stay up to date with everything regarding Gradvance? 

We have a Gradvance Newsletter which can be found at the bottom of the each page! 

+ Can i follow Gradvance on social media? 

Yes! Follow us on: