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Since Jan 2020, we've partnered with universities and corporations including:


What does a Gradvance partnership look like?

We partner with universities to support their student development goals, offering a range of engaging workshops hosted by Dan. 

We partner with corporations to support their early career development and retention goals, offering engaging workshops, mentoring and access to Gradvance's pool of diverse talent. 

We also partner with corporations to support their brand and marketing, allowing access to our community of 30K+ across LinkedIn, TikTok and Instagram. 


"Dan is a fantastic individual. An inspiration, a motivator and a leader by example. During the various COVID lockdowns, Dan has been a godsend for students around the world, a savior, guiding and helping them through an extremely difficult period. Dan and I met through LinkedIn where he was championing Gradvance. Since connecting, Dan kindly delivered a series of fantastic workshops for the University of Liverpool Management School (ULMS) covering topics such as building a winning mindset, finding out what you want to do for your career/creating your own experiences and personal branding and networking. These workshops were very well attended and the Student feedback was very positive. We cannot wait to welcome Dan back to ULMS again very soon, thanks so much for all your amazing help and support for our students!" 
Ahmed Al-Abdin, Senior Lecturer and Programme Director 

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