Early Career

2 - 7 years’ experience

CV Workshop

Step 1

Within 24 hours of your purchase, we’ll send you an e-mail with a form to tell us your career goals and submit your CV.

Step 2

Next, we’ll schedule a 1 hour consultation with you to discuss your key experiences and education.

Step 3

Leave the rest to us. We’ll format your CV to be ATS friendly and write the content to highlight your key achievements and unique story.

Step 4

Finally, within two weeks, we’ll present your new CV back to you in a 15 min review session. Now you’re ready to apply!

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Career Consultation

It's important to be happy in your
career and we can help you figure out what that looks like.

We'll work with you to identify,
prioritise and target roles and companies aligned to your core values, passion,
skills and interests.

Step 1: within 24 hrs of
your purchase we’ll send you a form with questions about your degree and career

Step 2: next, we’ll schedule a 1 hour video consultation to discuss your values,
strengths and interests - it's all about finding your 'why’.

Step 3: We’ll create your ‘career framework’ and develop a job search strategy to
target your dream roles and network with key industry professionals.

Cover Letter Workshop

Create a stand-out, impactful cover letter tailored to the role and company you want.

Step 1: within 24 hrs of your purchase we’ll send you a form to submit details about the job and company you want to apply for, your skills and experience.

Step 2: We’ll begin writing your cover letter, highlighting your key achievements, skills and passions. Then we’ll send to you for feedback.

Step 3: We’ll make final amends, send it back and offer an optional 15min consultation to review it.

LinkedIn Masterclass

A well-optimised and powerful LinkedIn presence will boost your career prospects, network and personal brand

Step 1: within 24 hrs of your purchase we’ll send you a form to submit your LinkedIn profile URL and tell us your career goals.

Step 2: Within two weeks of submitting your form, we’ll send you back your re-vamped and optimised LinkedIn profile and personalised strategies to build your network and reach out to recruiters and professionals.

Step 3: Finally, we’ll schedule a 15 min consultation to discuss your profile and how you can start building your personal brand.  

Interview Prep

Congrats on getting to the final stage, now it’s time to nail your interview!

Step 1: within 24 hrs of your purchase we’ll send you a form to submit your interview details and job description. Next, we’ll send you an interview prep document and create your customised mock interview.

Step 2: We’ll schedule a 1 hour mock interview session where we’ll provide coaching on your answers and refine your technique.

Step 3: You’ll be confident going into the interview and we’ll send you a thank you follow up template so you can really stand out! 

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CV Workshop

Career Consultation

Cover Letter Workshop

LinkedIn Masterclass

Interview Prep

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