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CV Workshop

Step 1

Within 24 hours of your purchase, we’ll send you an e-mail with a form to tell us your career goals and submit your CV.

Step 2

Next, we’ll schedule a 1 hour consultation with you to discuss your key experiences and education.

Step 3

Leave the rest to us. We’ll format your CV to be ATS friendly and write the content to highlight your key achievements and unique story.

Step 4

Finally, within two weeks, we’ll present your new CV back to you in a 15 min review session. Now you’re ready to apply!

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Career Consultation

We'll work with you to identify jobs aligned to your values, passions and skills and develop a job search strategy.

Step 1: within 24 hrs of
your purchase we’ll send you a form with questions about your degree and career

Step 2: we’ll schedule a 1 hour video consultation with you to discuss your career goals and find your 'why’.

Step 3: we’ll develop a job search strategy for your dream job and to network with industry professionals, hiring managers and recruiters.

Cover Letter Workshop

Create a stand-out, impactful cover letter tailored to the role and company you want.

Step 1: within 24 hrs of your purchase we’ll send you a form to submit details about the job and company you want to apply for, your skills and experience.

Step 2: We’ll begin writing your cover letter, highlighting your key achievements, skills and passions. Then we’ll send to you for feedback.

Step 3: We’ll make final amends, send it back and offer an optional 15min consultation to review it.

LinkedIn Masterclass

A well-optimised and powerful LinkedIn presence will boost your career prospects, network and personal brand.

Step 1: within 24 hrs of your purchase we’ll send you a form to submit your LinkedIn profile URL and tell us your career goals.

Step 2: Within two weeks of submitting your form, we’ll send you back your re-vamped and optimised LinkedIn profile and personalised strategies to build your network and reach out to recruiters and professionals.

Step 3: Finally, we’ll schedule a 15 min consultation to discuss your profile and how you can start building your personal brand.  

Interview Prep

Congrats on getting this far, now it’s time to nail your interview!

Step 1: within 24 hrs of your purchase we’ll send you a form to submit your interview details and job description. Next, we’ll send you an interview prep document and create your customised mock interview.

Step 2: We’ll schedule a 1 hour mock interview where we’ll provide coaching on your answers and refine your technique.

Step 3: You’ll be confident for the interview and we’ll send you a thank you follow up template so you can really stand out!


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CV Workshop

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Cover Letter Workshop

LinkedIn Masterclass

Interview Prep

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