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  • Financial Audit Associate

    My experience with Gradvance was phenomenal. From the first consultation, I received constant encouragement - with correct mindset, plan and action, anything is possible. After the consultations, I strategically targeted key organisations, industries and roles that suited my skills, background and interests. My success rate went through the roof! I was putting the best version of myself forward in a concise, confident and professional manner. I secured a job at EY as a Financial Audit IT Associate. I cannot thank Gradvance enough for changing my life and the positive impact they have had on me. In Dan, I have not only got a mentor, but a brother who will always be there to help me. Lots of love and respect and I highly recommend everyone to contact Gradvance. You will not be disappointed!

  • Sustainability Consultant

    After the consultation and CV workshop, I was energised for my future and, honestly, I hadn’t felt that spark in me for a while. My CV had been transformed and it still showed my personality and energy. Within a few weeks, I was offered a role I was passionate about and had genuine excitement for. I was even more astounded when I received another job offer shortly after for what I can only say is my dream career at Fujitsu! Within a month and a half, I had a different life and a different mindset. I’m excited for what my future holds and that’s due to Gradvance, Dan’s coaching and his detailed but tailored approach in everything he does. 100% cannot recommend enough.

  • Digital Marketing Placement

    The interview prep session was so helpful in ensuring I was ready for my assessment centre and he really helped with my confidence during the mock interview. Having had experience in recruiting and interviewing himself, Dan provides really valuable insight on how to structure your answers, engage with the assessor and be best prepared for the day! He took the time to understand what areas I needed to improve in my interview and followed-up with a call afterwards. I highly recommend Gradvance to anyone looking for placements or graduate jobs. Super grateful to have had Dan’s guidance in securing my job at L’Oréal!

  • Discovery Business Graduate

    I had a really positive experience with Gradvance. I was really struggling with my applications at the start, I was not too sure how to really write effectively and beat ATS’s and impress. A lot of my applications were too descriptive and not impactful but after my consultation and CV session that was all corrected and my CV was the best it had been. I was accepted onto their Discovery Business Graduate Scheme. I’m really grateful that Gradvance was able to help me in that first important step. I’d definitely recommend Gradvance to anyone who is struggling to refine and develop their CV. It could be the turning point to whether you get that dream role or not!

  • Sustainability Consultant

    My experience with Gradvance was absolutely amazing! Gradvance really prepared me for my interview and assessment centre by equipping me with the interview skills and company knowledge I needed to stand out. They also gave great insight into what the process was likely to entail and a clearer depiction of what the company was looking for. I am extremely happy to say I got the job, so I can’t recommend enough!

  • Digital Marketing Apprentice

    I have transformed my CV with the use of the free advice and materials on Gradvance’s page. I used to never make it past the CV stage and would often be ghosted by recruiters. However, since following Gradvance and taking on their advice, I have been able to make it to several interviews and now I'm starting my apprenticeship Google!

  • Finance Leadership Graduate

    There have been numerous times where I felt like giving up and felt I wasn’t good enough. I applied for 37 jobs before this, that’s 37 applications I’ve filled out, 37 online tests, and 37 rejections. It's so time-consuming and draining, all while I had university work and a part time job. Gradvance transformed my old CV into a masterpiece which helped me get through the first stage of the application process easily! The interview prep session helped me tremendously. I walked out of that interview room confidently knowing I’ve smashed it because I knew exactly how to impress them thanks to Dan. He is very knowledgeable and knows exactly what employers are looking for from their candidates.

  • CRM Executive

    I was job searching for about a year but after several rejections, I became very pessimistic and low in confidence. I decided to have a Consultation and CV Workshop after a friend got a job through Gradvance. The Consultation was tailored to my personality and experience rather than just typical textbook suggestions. Dan accentuated my achievements in my CV but it still felt ‘very me’. I managed to gain more interviews with less applications. Extremely happy to say I received 2 job offers in the same week, one of them being the industry of my dreams - working as a CRM Executive for Esports gaming. Finding confidence in yourself can be very hard, but if you need that spark of inspiration to set you on your path of finding the job you want, not just what you can find. Thank you so much Gradvance!

  • Social Media Manager

    I want to express my gratitude to Dan and the team. I had been job hunting throughout summer, got multiple rejections and a lot of no-responses. Then, I came across Dan's profile on LinkedIn and I did a consultation and CV Workshop, this truly helped make my thoughts clear and gave me some effective tips on how to generally improve my job-hunting process. I followed every single bit of advice and everything changed. Two weeks later, I was told I was shortlisted by two different companies. They said they loved my CV. I then had a couple of interviews and was given some projects to work on. I couldn't believe the result. I received two job offers - in the same week. I'm now 2 months into my first full-time role ever and I'm loving it! I'm still in contact with Dan - he's lovely and creates some really good social content that's so motivational (I'm a fan!). Thank you Gradvance and special thanks to Dan for his great help!

  • Product Development Designer

    I was applying tirelessly without seeing real results. I had a few interviews but nothing ever seemed to work out. The consultation and the CV workshop gave me an opportunity to show my true self and skillset. Gradvance helped me express that through my CV in a professional way which really increased my ratio of applications to interviews. I don't believe I have a business mindset, however now I have the tools to demonstrate my ability and long-term output. Having a kick-ass CV gave me confidence going into interviews. The fashion industry is a hard industry to crack but the key is to never give up and utilize opportunities like this service.

  • Corporate Account Manager

    Working with Gradvance was an absolute pleasure and would urge anyone looking to start the process of finding a job to get in touch. The CV Workshop and Consultation were a great way to understand my wants in a job and tailor my CV to what I needed. 3 job applications later came 3 job offers! Dan’s passion for helping recent grads is undeniable, can’t recommend Dan and Gradvance enough.

  • Business Analyst

    My job search had been a struggle till I discovered Gradvance. Gradvance is a wonderful platform/business that has offered me with coaching from my CV and cover letter to establishing fantastic interview skills and studying the company to gain the knowledge I needed to stand out. To anyone who is either a student or has already graduated and is looking to secure a job, I couldn’t recommend Gradvance enough.

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